Metal Roof Financing

Finance Your Ironclad Roof with Financeit

FinanceIT The cost of a new high-quality metal roof may be more than many families can afford to pay for up-front. At Ironclad Roofing, we understand that sometimes your budget and your home improvement goals may not match. That’s why we’ve partnered with Financeit to bring you flexible financing options for your metal roof.

With a low-cost payment plan, you can break down the cost of your new roof into smaller, more manageable expenses that won’t drain your bank account or strain your monthly budget. This way, you can get your new roof sooner and enjoy the sleek modern look and lower energy bills that come with it. You’ll also pay significantly less than you would if you put your purchase on a credit card.

  • Metal Roof Financing
  • metal roof financing

Finance the cost of your new roof in monthly or biweekly installments at 8.32% APR over up to 5 years (60 months). Applications are quick, easy, and can be completed from anywhere using your smartphone or a computer. You’ll find out if you’ve been approved within minutes of submitting the forms.

Once you’re approved, your loan offer is valid for the next 6 months (180 days), giving you plenty of time to consider the offer and determine how to work the payments into your budget. If you decide you don’t want the loan, you can choose not to take it. There is no cost to apply and no obligation upon approval. If needed, application support is always available from the Financeit team at 1-888-536-3025.

  • Apply in just 5 minutes
  • Instantly learn if you've been approved
  • Get up to $100,000 in financing
  • Loan offers are valid for a full 6 months
  • Pay off your loan as early as you like without any penalties
  • Enjoy lower rates than your credit card
  • Apply from your phone using Financeit’s fully secured website
  • Automatic repayment means you’ll never miss a deadline

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If you have been putting off getting a new roof for financial reasons, you may never get it done. Don’t let cost stop you from creating the home of your dreams. Apply for a Financeit payment plan today or use their convenient online tool to see how much money you could qualify for. Your new roof could be just a few clicks away.

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Advantages of Financing Your Ironclad Roof

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Get Your New Roof Faster

Once your financing has been approved, we can begin work on your roof. This lets you enjoy the advantages of a metal roofing system sooner, without waiting for loans to go through or until enough money has been set aside.

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Prevent Further Damage

If you are replacing your current roof due to damage or leaks, it is essential to have the new one installed quickly. This will prevent the existing issues from getting worse, leading to further problems. It is difficult to keep paying for urgent repairs while trying to save for a roof replacement. When you choose to finance, you can eliminate your roofing stress now and save money in the future.

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Keep Your Budget Intact

Putting the full cost of a roof replacement into your budget all at once can put you under financial strain and lead to difficulty covering expenses. This may lead to missed or late payments and create unnecessary stress. Instead, find the financing option that can fit comfortably into your existing budget without affecting your other obligations.

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Save Money for the Things You Want

Even if you do have all the money required to cover the cost of your roof, pulling everything out of your rainy-day fund or sacrificing things like vacations is not necessary. Financing gives you the freedom to use your extra savings for whatever you want while still giving you the roof you need.

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Be Prepared in a Financial Emergency

Unexpected costs, such as car maintenance, home repairs, dental emergencies, and more, can happen at any time. If you spend all your savings at once, you run the risk of having nothing available to cover the bills. Selecting the financing option that works best with your lifestyle ensures you are prepared for any unplanned expense.


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