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Everything You Need to Know

We have taken the time to study the roofing industry throughout the country and developed unique solutions for how we can make it better. We have encountered too many horror stories of homeowners who have entrusted their roofing project to the wrong company. We’ve also seen unbelievably shoddy installations and products from companies who didn’t have their client’s best interests in mind. Right from the start, we knew that it was unacceptable for us to be just like any other roofing company. We set out to be quality and customer-centric, and it is this commitment to our clients that has helped us stand out in the industry.
Yes. We have emergency work crews available to provide service and repairs any time they are needed.
Yes, financing is available on approved credit. More details are available upon request.
Yes. While our panels are made from entirely new material, they can be completely recycled once they have served their purpose. This helps eliminate the waste that is often associated with re-roofing and provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials.
Your new Ironclad roof is guaranteed to last 50 years and is protected by our warranty. It is designed to last a lifetime, meaning you will never have to worry about re-roofing your home again.
Each metal panel used for your roof has a specially designed coating to prevent rust formation. Additionally, the paint applied to the steel helps keep it rust free.
Steel is a noncombustible material, meaning it won’t catch fire or serve as fuel, should a fire start elsewhere in the home. This also means that any embers that find their way to your roof will not ignite.
No, in a house you are 100% safe from lightning. A metal roof will not make lightning more likely to strike.
No. The insulation in your roof will help to block out any noise. It will not be any louder in your home than it would be with a traditional roofing system. In fact, you will hear more noise from the weather through your walls and windows than you will from your roof.
While you might think that a metal roof would be heavier, they are often up to three times lighter than asphalt or wooden shingles.
The average person can walk on the roof and it won’t dent. The traditional design of our panel makes it the strongest in the industry. However, keep in mind that metal roofs can be quite slippery and dangerous to be on without taking the proper safety precautions. Additionally, it is important to avoid causing any scratches or damage if you do walk on it.
Metal roofs can be installed in any season. Unlike other roofing materials, metal panels do not need to be cured or sealed and will not warp due to changing temperatures. This makes them perfect for installing in the winter as well. However, particularly cold days or dangerous conditions may result in a rescheduled installation.
We offer five different colour options, including Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Umber. View our Metal Roofing Systems page to learn more.
The paint and finish of your roofing panels are protected against fading, chalking, peeling, cracking, and blistering by our warranty. Your roof will look as beautiful as the first day it was installed for up to fifty years.
Our panels are remarkably competitive right from the moment of purchase. Your new Ironclad roof will continue to serve you for years, improving your (ROI) Return on Investment. The reduced need for maintenance or repairs means you will save more money as time goes by.


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