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Protect Your Home with Metal Roofing in Richmond Hill

Ironclad Roofing is one of the leading metal roofing companies in Richmond Hill, offering high-quality, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional asphalt shingles. We provide unmatched levels of service and are dedicated to providing our clients with metal roofing solutions that last a lifetime.

  • Metal Roofing in Richmond Hill
  • metal roofing companies in Richmond Hill

Benefits of a Metal Roofing System


Metal roofing is the best choice for eco-conscious individuals. The materials used are 100% recyclable at the end of their working life, allowing them to be repurposed. Metal roofing also lasts three to four times longer and leaves a smaller carbon footprint during production. Traditional roofing materials, however, result in wasted money and create a negative environmental impact.

Lasts a Lifetime

Metal roofing is built to last for generations. Once installed on your home, you will never need to re-roof.


The initial cost of installing metal roofing in Richmond Hill will be higher than installing an asphalt roof. However, metal lasts three to four times longer than an asphalt roof, and our installations are backed by a 50-year warranty. Along with the minimal maintenance requirements and lack of routine repairs, the long-term savings of installing metal roofing far outweigh the upfront cost.


Unlike other options, metal roofing can be installed over your existing shingles and cut down on the prep work needed. However, it is best to consult a metal roofing expert to determine if this option is practical for your roof.

Better Protection

Having a metal roof increases the security of your home as it can withstand the weather conditions Ontario is known for. They are also resistant to pests, insects, fire, rot, and mold.

Increased Property Value

Metal roofing significantly increases the value of your property. You stand to have a higher resale value after installing a metal roof than if you re-roofed with other materials.

Improved Curb Appeal

Installing metal roofing adds a beautiful and unique look to your property. It will continue to look great for generations, helping to prevent the work needed on other roofing materials to keep them looking as fresh as the day installed.

Why Choose Ironclad Roofing in Richmond Hill

Professional Installation

Our team is highly skilled at installing metal roofing. Our business has earned a reputation for delivering durable, beautiful, and efficient metal roofing solutions for homeowners throughout the province.


We are always trying to improve and offer our clients the best products and solutions available in the market. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for new technologies and solutions. We also use our industry experience to install a roof that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Unique Metal Roofing Products

Our Tuscany Metal Panel has a unique, beautiful appearance that looks great on traditional and modern properties. The panels are durable, lightweight, and dependable, making them ideal for new construction or re-roofing a home.

50-Year Warranty

Our metal roofing solutions come with a 50-year warranty which covers your roof under normal atmospheric conditions.

Weather Resistance

At Ironclad, we offer not only roofing solutions that are innovative and durable but also metal roofs that are resistant to heavy rains, snows, and winds.

Get Reliable Metal Roof Installation in Richmond Hill

We are a reputable metal roofing installer offering unmatched customer service and superior products. With over 25 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, eco-friendly metal roofing solutions. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at 905-752-4685 or fill in our online estimate request.


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